Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vintage Lamp Shade

Trying to keep up with my Pinterest projects ... there is never enough time!

I purchased this old lamp at a flea market in Carpentaria (my favorite beach city!).  We do a family camping trip every year and always make a trip to the local flea market.

The lamp came with no shade.  So my mom was tossing out this old one.

I found some cool fabric... of course I always get in a hurry to do something and this time I cut the fabric too small : ( 

So now I do what all crafty people do... I hide my mistake!

 I took pins and pined the fabric to the shade then took a hot glue gun and glued the fabric in place. You need to try and pull it tight as you glue.

 Next, I cut some strips of the fabric and stitched them to make them ruffle. I used one for the top and two for the bottom.
 Then I got my glue gun again and started gluing again.

 I finished the shade with some fabric roses and glued them on! 

 This shade reminded me of the shades my mom had on some of the lamps we had when were kids.  My husband even liked it!
Thanks for taking a look!

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